Top 10 Best Rappers in Nigeria

Top 10 Best rappers in Nigeria

Rap is a genre of music that can’t be overlooked when talking about Nigeria music industry. When talking about the music genre “Rap” in  Nigeria music industry, there are some rappers worthy of mention. These rappers have taken Nigeria music industry to the next level with their songs topping both Local and International charts on … Read more

Top 10 Stand-up Comedians in the World

Top 10 Stand-up Comedians In The World

When talking about comedians, we say that they are set of individuals that make use of their talent for the purpose of putting smile on people’s face. They have high sense of humour and amazing acts that makes their audiences to laugh out loud. In this article, we shall be focusing on the Top 10 … Read more

Best PS5 Games


The other time, we wrote an article about the 10 best PS4 games and how entertaining these games are. Now we shall be looking at the ninth generation video game which is the PS5 and it’s top-ranking games. The PlayStation is one of the most entertaining games in the world which has made gamers all … Read more

The Best Multiplayer Games for iOS

Best Multiplayer Games for iOS

Whatever your taste in iPhone games, there’s one subgenre of gaming that lets you take full advantage of the capabilities of your device: multiplayer games. These come in all different genres, which means that no matter what your favorite style of game or how much expertise you have in gaming, you can easily find a … Read more

Top 15 American Stand-up Comedians

Top 15 American Stand-up Comedians

Who are the Top 15 American Stand-up Comedians? It has always been a question. As, every comedian has got a different tone of skills, genre, life experiences, and their own style of pitching their jokes. So, this list will be comprising of the best 15 American stand-up comedians with only a female making the list … Read more

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment

Engaging in a full body workout at home without equipment is one of the easiest and stress free ways of burning out fats and living healthy. You don’t need to spend any amount of money using any of the listed exercising or workout techniques below. Being fit is one of the hardest thing for everyone … Read more

Top 10 Richest DJs in South Africa

Richest DJs In South Africa

Who are the richest DJs in South Africa? You don’t know them, do you? you might argue you do but nevertheless, I am here to clear the air on this one to bring an end to what may have been an uncertainty among sound lovers. Read on pals! In recent times, professional DJs are paid … Read more