How To Gain Admission Into Unilag With Any Cutoff Mark

How To Gain Admission Into Unilag With Any Cutoff Mark

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Do you want to be among students who will be successfully admitted into the University of Lagos (Unilag)? Then we’ve got your back, here’s all the information you need to know about unilag post utme and how you can successfully gain admission into the school.

No doubt, the University of Lagos (Unilag) screening examination is drawing closer, here are important information you need to know before buying Unilag UTME Screening form for the 2017/18 academic session.

This guide contains all information which you need to know about the institution’s post utme registration, cut off marks and guide to examination.

Here are secret information you need to know about the following:

  • University of Lagos (Unilag) post utme;
  • Unilag post utme Rules and regulations,
  • How the Unilag post utme examination test is conducted,
  • What Number of questions you are expected to answer.

One thing i humbly asked you, is to sit down, relax and take your time to read it and also share it with your friends.

Qualification and Eligibility:

For you to be qualify and be able to write the Unilag post utme test, you must have scored at most, up to 200 in your Jamb examination and you must have made Unilag your first choice institution.

Please take note that the school management have made it mandatory, that all the school aspirants must have at least five credits pass in relevant ‘O’ level subjects including the following subjects:
English Language,

You must have made the result at one sitting. Take note that all candidates awaiting result are also qualified to apply.

Age Bracket: The school Management has made it mandatory, that all applying candidates who would not be at least sixteen (16) years of age by October 31 are not eligible to apply, anyone who applied before reaching age 16 at October 31st will have their submission declined automatically.

Unilag POST UTME Application Price/Cost:

The price varies, depending on who is registering the application form. If you know you can do it successfully, then you can purchase the form, which costs Two thousand Naira only (N2,000).

But if you going to be registered by a third party, through any outlet (like Cyber cafes, business centers) you will be charged about Three thousand, five hundred Naira only (N3500).

The One thousand, five hundred Naira (1500) additional fee charged by third party which will be helping you to register for the post utme screening exercise, would be for service and printouts that you would be given.

One thing i have come to discover, is that it is a great idea to give an experienced person who have helped several other candidates register for the Unilag post utme exercise, since there won’t be mistakes.

But if you’re good with computers and you’re thorough, then you can do it yourself.

Kind/Type of Examination:

According to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, who has disclosed that starting from the 2017/2018 screening exercise, the Unilag post utme examination will be following the example set by the Joint Admission and Matriculation computer based examination (C.B.T), and they will start using a computer system to answer the whole questions.

You must have written your JAMB CBT examination, right? Then don’t worry, because you will still use the C.B.T method in the Unilag post utme screening exercise.

Number of POST UTME Questions To Answer:

Before knowing the numbers of questions contained in the post utme screening, take note that the Computer Base Test (CBT) questions would consist of three subjects which includes the following subjects as follows:
English Language
General Paper.

What Are The Questions Asked In General Paper?

Are you writing the post utme examination for the first time? Then you need to know that the questions contained in the general paper includes current affairs.

It’s highly advisable that you purchase a current affairs book sold for 200 naira in bookstores.

The total number of questions contained in the post utme question sheet would be 40 questions in all, and here is a breakdown of the numbers per each subjects:

  • 15 Questions in English language,
  • 15 Questions in current affairs,
  • 10 Questions in Mathematics.

Take note that the number of questions for each subject might not be arranged in one particular order, they’ll certainly be mixed up, so don’t let them confuse you!

While writing the post utme examination, be aware that no matter what course you’re going for or choosed while filling the unilag registration/application form, you MUST partake in the three above listed subjects in the Unilag post utme.

Examination Time Limit:

When you get into the examination hall, you will certainly be made to wait for some minutes/hours before the exam starts> However, when the exam commences, you will have thirty minutes (30 minutes) to answer all the 40 questions so do not spend too much time answering only one question. Since its thirty minutes, you have less than one minute to answer one question.

How To Calculate Your Unilag POST UTME Score:

THE University of Lagos (Unilag) post utme result is calculated in a very interesting way. Here’s how the school admission management board do calculate the post utme result:

Jamb score divided by 8 plus (+) post utme score divided by 2. All the marks are over 100.

Unilag Catchment Areas:

It is crucial that all applying candidates should note that the school admits students based on Catchment areas, Here is a list of the six catchment areas which are valid in Unilag;

  • Lagos state,
  • Ogun state,
  • Oyo state,
  • Osun state,
  • Ekiti state,
  • Ondo state.

All interested applicants who are applying for admission into Unilag should note that IF they are not from any of the mentioned states, they are required to score higher marks than other aspirants from the catchment areas (states listed above) to be admitted on merit.

Tips You SHOULD Use TO Gain Admission into Unilag

One thing you should never forget while going for admission into huge sought after academic institutions like this, is to focus on your strength.

Never get confused because you aren’t good in one subject or the other. One of the best advice you need, is to focus on the subjects you know and do it well and try your best in others.

“Another wonderful approach to beating the multitudes and gaining admission into Unilag, is by approaching the exam with lot of confidence. Never try to panic and believe in yourself and in your God that your admission is sure. Self confidence + God’s blessing can lead you to places where you won’t believe.

One of the surest methods of boosting your confidence is to start your preparation way before the examination. You need to be adequately prepared.”

Another tip that should always be on your fingertips is this:
“The time allocated to students in this examination is short, less than one minute on each question.

Ensure that you take the time allocation into consideration; don’t waste your time on one question.” UNLIKE PPT (Paper Pencil Test) when the time given to you finishes, the computer automatically closes. It is much more preferable if you do the submission yourself.

“More and more students are choosing the University OF Lagos (UNILAG) as their choice of University, and the number is increasing every year. Here’s a statistics to back up my claim.

In 2012, 83,865 students applied,
In 2015, among the huge number of applications, a scary total of 32,946 scored above 200 in their JAMB CBT result.”

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