How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

5 Easy Ways On How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

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I will give you a secret that can triple your traffic rate and your site ranking if only you can patiently read down this page and put the knowledge to work.

Let’s go straight away to see How to get traffic to your website fast.

Easy Ways On How To Get Traffic To Your Website


Most bloggers both new and old keep asking questions like “how do I write quality articles?” and “how do I get quality contents?” the answer to this question can never be one directional but will vary depending on your niche and the information you want to pass across.

Some people will tell you that getting quality contents is when you make all your posts to be about a thousand words or above, forgetting that a blogger who blogs on gist and latest news would like to make his or her posts brief and straight to the point in other to have time for another post and stuffs.

Quality contents is when you make quality original posts (not copied) which is relevant and maybe with one or more relevant photos to juice it up. If your site is still coming up, make those your posts to be at least about 300 words to boost your SEO and please search engines. For proper guide on making quality posts which would rank high in search engines, download the Yoast SEO plugin and install it on your blog.


It is obvious that all bloggers have in many occasions shared their blog or blog post links to social media and it is also true that the social media links boosts their traffic. I will show you a secret to getting more viewers to your blog through social media platforms.

First create an exciting audience on social platforms and update them regularly (all your updates must not be a blog post link, try to post some directly on the platform to build trust for your brand). Carve out a niche on social platforms advertise it and get more people to join and then carry them along by making regular relevant posts.

When you have taken the steps above, connect that niche (group, followers, page) to your blog and watch the magic work. Make sure your blog talks about same thing as the group and also make sure you create a share button below every of your posts to facilitate easy sharing of the post to social media. You can download the WPSSO plugin to help you automatically do that.


Don’t just wake up and start writing about education without first of all making a good research about education. Remember some of the people who will come to your blog to read something related to education are in a way or two related to education so when your articles go off point, they may back-off and never come again. Make quality researches on a topic before you pick it up to write on. You can use sites like Wikipedia to make effective researches.


If you avoid copied content and as a beginner you are allowing your contents to be copied, then you may be doing yourself more harm than good. When blogs which rank higher than yours copies your contents, then you may never be seen on google’s first page but your posts copied by the other blog will get to the audience before you. You can download and install ‘contents copy protect plugin’ here.


If the keywords you use are not searchable then you have a very low tendency to get views from search engines like google. Go for mostly long-tail relevant keywords because there is a lot of competition on the short keyword. Make your target keywords sentence-like with about three to four words. “how to browse online” is a better keyword for a beginner that ‘browse online’. If you use the short one, blogs greater than yours will present the answer before you and you will end up having no reader.

Well, this posts was made through personal experience and research. There could be more to getting traffic to your site, but these points should be basic.

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