How to play PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released it’s game for mobile platform on 9 February 2018. It took the mobile gaming scene by storm and became one of the most played mobile games of all time. The game was constantly trending on video game news and searches.

The growing popularity of PUBG has made the game fiercely competitive. Here is a quick guide for new gamers who have just started with game. This PUBG guide will help to make new players a battle royale master.


Where and how to land?

There are four different maps on PUBG Mobile. Vikendi is still in its beta version but one can still play on it. It is extremely important to plan where to land before the game starts. The path of the plane shows when players are on the spawn island, here you can pick you spot before the plane heads onto the map.

There are few places on the map where players can find good and consistent loot. Military base, Power plant, Georgopol, Novorepnoye and some other towns are examples of good loot spot on the famous map of Erangle.

It is also necessary to spot other players who jump with you and see where they are heading so one can avoid early loot battle.

Another important tip is to control your flight carefully. One can adjust speed and get competitive advantage over other players.


It is obvious that loot is the main objective after landing. However, some players tend to get into fights after getting a small gun, which can be fatal. It is best to first gear up and get good stuff like higher level armour, helmets and good weapons before one starts some real action. Sometimes early fights can end up well and cannot be avoided but on all other times it is best to loot fast and get equipped well.

Knowing your Weapons

There are quite a few guns, equipments, attachments and different types of grenades in the game. It is a no brainer to know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, practice how to control their recoil so one doesn’t miss the target and to know their effective range. All these information is available in game and the weapon statistics are mentioned clearly too.

Take care of the “Zone”

This is the ultimate noob killer. Newbies are so engrossed in looting and shooting that they forget to check the map and see where the circle is, soon the blue zone covers them and they die a completely avoidable death.

It is crucial to keep checking the map for knowing where the playing circle is. If one can predict the radius of the next circle that will put the player in a huge advantage.

Get a vehicle

Searching for a decent vehicle with adequate fuel and full health is important. A vehicle like the buggy, jeep or the regular car can help players go around the map faster and easily with less risk of getting sniped or killed. One can collect loot from far out places from the circle and return with ease.

Peek fire and combat tips

Shooting without cover is dangerous and will most likely get you killed. Always look for a cover and peek fire, this hides your body from exposure to enemy fire and can be a deciding factor in fights.

Firing from the same spot again and again will also make your position predictable and enemy may pre fire and knock you down. It is important to change positions and make life difficult for your opponent.


This tip is only useful if you are playing in duo or squad. It is vital to communicate with teammates and let them know about plans, position, enemy position and loot. Using microphone and headphones is absolutely mandatory while playing this game.

In Conclusion,

PUBG Mobile is a very enjoyable and engaging game, it’s really a joy to play.

Have you played it game lovers? If you haven’t you’re missing a lot more than you know. Try PUBG today and you’ll never get bored playing it. Cheers!!!

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