A Must Read Before Purchasing Jamb Form – Avoidable Mistakes

The main purpose of writing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) which is organised by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is to be eligible to apply for admission into Nigerian high institutions because it is a criterion which cannot be skipped if one wants to get admission through the rightful protocol apart from the new program IJMB which grants a successful applicant and participant an opportunity to be admitted into 200lv in a Nigerian University without having to go through the stress of 100lv.

A Must Read Before Purchasing JAMB Form

Now on the issue of writing JAMB for the purpose of admission, one has to be very careful with its application lest he or she may come back the next year applying and failing again if corrections were not noted and followed up.

You will agree with me that almost in every year, there is this set of JAMBITES that cry foul, owing to the fact that they had high scores but where not admitted yet those who had lower score were admitted and at times in the same department which they also sort for.

This is not always because they have an inner person helping them but it is because they played smarter in the application and were observant of the guidelines, the do’s and the don’ts. This particular issue is why most people score high scores yet end up not being admitted.

Imagine a student who wants to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering in a Nigerian University failing to write subjects like Physics and Maths in WASSCE which is organised by WAEC, even if he or she scores 300 points in JAMB and 300 points in the screening test, he or she can never be admitted into such department due to his or her WASSCE subject combination which does not fall in line with the subject combo of the applied course. In cases like this, you will find the student crying that he or she has been cheated.

One of the major aims of this article is to bring JAMB applicants to the limelight of how JAMB admission works so they could sit for JAMB once and for all.

This particular issue has discouraged most applicants who are always denied their dream course due to their JAMB or WAEC subject combination from having the zeal to attain their academic dream and by so doing, increasing the number of uneducated people in Nigeria.

I will now show you how you can apply for your dream course in your dream Nigerian University and see yourself in your matriculation gown that same year. I

t is as simple as you follow the due process of application.

First of all, know the course you want to study, secondly be willing to make it to that course that year. Don’t have the mind-set that if it doesn’t work this year, it would work the next. Prepare your mind like it is your last opportunity and arm yourself with the necessary amenities.

Then go to the official JAMB website www.jamb.org.ng and read careful the requirements of admission into the course you want to study. Do not neglect any of the conditions there, JAMB uses them strictly. Then head to the official website of the school you want to apply for, click on ‘prospective student’ or any menu in the website created for prospective students. Search for the course which you want to apply and also read the admission criteria.

This would include the subjects you must write in the UTME, the least number of credit (C) you must have in your 0’level result, the compulsory subject you must write and at least have a credit (C) in them in your 0’level result and other important criteria.

For those who might find it a bit difficult following the above protocol, drop your choice course and school in the comment box let me help you with their requirements.



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