Slot Nigeria Phones – 5 Things To Know Before Buying From Slot

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Slot Nigeria is a one stop spot for phone purchase in Nigeria, it has grown so popular that an average Nigerian youth must have in a way or the other have something to do or have done with Slot Nigeria.

With such popularity and having recorded over a million phone sells at its different offline shops, slot Nigeria is a big brand in the Nigerian Phone industry but before buying a phone or phone accessories from any slot outlet, you’ve got to read this.

Slot Nigeria Phones -5 Things To Know Before Buying From Slot

1. Slot Nigeria Social Community:

On Facebook, the official page has over 300,000 followers of which about 10% or more engage with every post made on the page. Most times on the comment sections customers bring up issues that they had from purchasing from a slot Nigeria outlet and most times slot promise to get back to them without fulfilling the promise.

Anyway, majorly; most of the customers come to the comment box full of thanks for a smooth business with slot. They confirm of the originality of slots products and commend their efforts.

This goes to show that generally, slot has good phones on sell but have poor online social media customer service.


2. Slot Nigeria Online Reviews:

On the official slot Nigeria social media page, there are different reviews both good and bad. Slot Nigeria has been accused on one of the reviews by a customer of harbouring a criminal as their sells agent.

The girl made claims of fraud against one of Slot Nigeria sells agents and slot confirmed this claim but there was no sign on the page to show that slot threated the case accordingly.

Weeks after weeks the girl kept on complaining that slot haven’t done anything about the matter and the slot facebook handle kept on replying her to calm down as the matter would be treated accordingly but after over 10 weeks this girl still commented confirming that slot is still yet to do anything to get her money refunded back to here.

You can check the series of images provided below.

slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review

3. Customer Abandonment:

Like said on point one, slot have the habit of always saying “we will get back to you” but at the end of the day you won’t hear from them again. This habit is noticed on their social media page which has over 300,000 followers and we can not tell if this is what they do to customers offline too.

If you cannot threat the thousand customers who follow your page properly, it may send a general message to the public world viewing your page that you have a poor customer service unit.

The images below show the report of one of slot customers by name Bake Uhappy, who said she bought a phone on recommendation from slot but was not satisfied with what she  had and have been trying to reach out to slot to no avail.

Slot can’t possibly sell a phone today to a customer and back off from the customer, if they do then that would be a very bad customer retention habit and we would strongly say a “no” to that.

If slot has a lot of new customers to attend to that it backs off from it’s old customers then it should employ new customer service agents whose work will just be to focus on old customers alone. Customers need a place where they are treated as top priority.

slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review
slot nigeria review

4. Slot Sell both offline and online :

If you are not too good with doing business online, slot Nigeria boasts to have over 60 outlets in Nigeria, you can walk into the closest slot store near you to get the slot phone of your choice. Slot sells basically all brands of phones available in this part of the world and boasts of its readiness with stock always.

Slot Nigeria also have amazing promotion offers and sometimes coupon codes for those who order online.

5. Slot also have some good Reviews:

In Fact a larger number of people who use slot drop positive reviews for the business, both on social media and offline. A lot of people talk about slot and this shows that they are playing well.

In all, Slot Nigeria should find a way to trash out all the bad reviews it has on social media by treating the cases to the last and letting viewers know how the cases were handled. It helps customers build more trust on a brand and also helps new customers to decide to patronize a business.

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