Top 10 Best Rappers in Nigeria

Top 10 Best rappers in Nigeria

Rap is a genre of music that can’t be overlooked when talking about Nigeria music industry. When talking about the music genre “Rap” inĀ  Nigeria music industry, there are some rappers worthy of mention. These rappers have taken Nigeria music industry to the next level with their songs topping both Local and International charts on … Read more

The Biggest Country in Africa and List of African Countries By Size

The Biggest Country in Africa - List of African Countries By Size

A number of people believe that the biggest country in Africa is Nigeria because Nigeria is popularly called the giant of Africa but in reality, talking about biggest country in Africa and answering the question “which is the biggest country in Africa?”, Nigeria is actually not among the first ten biggest countries in Africa. If … Read more

List of Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

List of Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

This is the list of the top 10 online shopping sites in Nigeria and the best among them, you can take advantage of this list to decide which sites to order your items from. Reasons Why the Sites Below are the Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria There are many good reasons why the sites … Read more

List of Political Parties in Nigeria With Headquarters

List Of Political Parties In Nigeria With Headquarters

This is the list of political parties in Nigeria, their headquarters and some take away gists concerning the parties. Currently there are 68 political parties in Nigeria registered and approved to produce candidates for political positions in Nigeria. Unlike the US where there is only two political parties, Nigerian has given the opportunity to anybody … Read more

Top Ten Richest States in Nigeria

Have you wondered which states are currently the top ten richest states in Nigeria and what their net-worths are like? These state are economically booming and their citizens are enjoying being part of the state. Apart from states like Kaduna and Kano where only the top political, business and religious men control almost the whole … Read more

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria – Updated List

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria

A couple of years ago it was very rare to hear that a Nigerian would trust any online site to make payments without seeing the item he wants to purchase right before him. Online shopping sites seems like they won’t stand then but now, Nigeria is one of the highest African countries that participate in … Read more

Where to Buy Cheap Used Cars in Nigeria and Why

Where to Buy Cheap Used Cars in Nigeria

If you are looking for where to buy cheap used cars in Nigeria then this article guide on how to obtain cheap used cars for sale by owner in Nigeria will help you make best decisions. Cheap Used Cars In Nigeria, Best Places To Buy And Why There are a thousand and oneĀ cheap used cars … Read more

Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Nigeria to Live in With Price List

Cheapest Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria, the giant of Africa is sure one of the best places to live in the world; so we’ve compiled a list of top 5 Cheapest Cities to live in Nigeria. A lot of things contributes to this city listing which includes the weather, the people, the culture, and the family values of the people. … Read more

Richest Churches in Nigeria and Their Worth

Richest Churches In Nigeria and Their Worth

Below is a list of the top ten richest churches in Nigeria and the richest church among them. Note: We will keep the catholic church aside in this list owing to many reasons. The Roman catholic church is indeed the most populous christian church in the world. The basilica of saint peter in Rome which … Read more