Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria and Their Net Worth

A pastor is one who have chosen to serve the lord in spirit and truth and propagate his gospel to the world. Some pastors might earn money on this path of eternal service to God thereby getting to become one of the richest pastors in the world.

One of the major contributor to the exponentially increasing wealth of Nigerian Pastors is that churches do not pay taxes. So, whatever income the church makes stays in the church, where the founder or General Overseer then decides how the money would be put to use.

Many Nigerian Pastors would make many businessmen or civil servants green with envy going by their impressive assets and fat bank accounts. Most of these rich pastors now boast of private jets, high-priced assets and magnificent edifices to call a church.

This list encapsulates the names of pastors who despite the socioeconomic status of the country have kept on serving and have been rewarded for their relentless job in the house of the most high.

Here are the richest pastors in Nigeria and their net worth.

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Bishop David Oyedepo

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $150 Million

Bishop David Oyedepo is a top Nigerian pastor born in September 1954 and is the founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A Winners Chapel. He tops our list of the richest pastor in Nigeria with his mammoth net worth of $150 million that bests that of other pastors on this list.

He’s known as Nigeria’s prosperity preacher owing to a myriad of his preaching revolving around being prosperous.

His ministry has grown tremendously since it was founded in 1981 in the Northern Nigerian city of Kaduna and is present in over 300 locations in Nigeria and over 45 African nations, including the US, Dubai  and UK.

He was once said he’d be perplexed if he wasn’t at the level he is today from the depth of commitments and heights of investments put into the Kingdom work.

His church auditorium, a 50,000 capacity seater, called faith tabernacle located in Canaan land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria  made it to the World Guinness Book of Record in 2008 as the largest church auditorium in the world.

He has two private universities(Covenant and Landmark University), a polytechnic (Covenant Polytechnic) a secondary school and various investment littered all over the country.

He is currently building a 100,000 capacity auditorium to dwarf the former and was rumoured to own four private jets, a claim he had debunked, reducing the number to just one.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $147 Million

Head of the Potter’s House Megachurch and Potter’s Touch television program, T.D. Jakes is a common face on many national broadcast stations.

This is particularly notable, as both his Bachelor and Masters of Arts degree came from an unaccredited institution, Friends International Christian University.

Though he does make a sizable yearly sum as a pastor, most of his wealth has originated in sales of his gospel music (for which he has won at least one Grammy award), books and numerous syndicated appearances.

As it turns out, T.D. Jakes is also of Nigerian heritage, which was proven when he allowed for his DNA to be tested for a PBS program. He is definitely one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.

Chris Oyakhilome

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $50 Million

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a popular Nigerian pastor who is worth between $30 million and $50 million and his pending divorce case from his wife of many years doesn’t seem to be slowing him down.

Chris is the pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, and he has a number of other investments from real estate to television stations and hotels.

His Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated not only contains an absolutely massive fellowship branch, but also branches for humanitarian aid and education. He also owns three separate television channels that garner up to 2.5 million views per nightly event.

As is common for someone with the “faith healing” gospel, there is some backlash, particularly from the Treatment Action Campaign against his claims of faith healing AIDS.

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Benny Hinn

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $42 Million

Benny Hinn is perhaps the most openly controversial of any American Televangelist. Publicly claiming a gospel that empowers “faith healing”, he has been investigated by the United States Senate for manipulation of tax status, and his Ministry has been flagged with a “Donor Alert” by Ministry Watch.

Regardless of this shady financial situation he continues to have a solid fellowship in both Canada and the United States.

Followers of his teachings believe that if they are prayed over, they can be healed of any malady. Among his many luxury possessions is a Gulfstream G4 jet.

Pastor Hinn is a strong believer who is also endowed with riches and have always been of great help to the poor and needy.

E. A .Adeboye

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $39 Million

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is one of top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria. He was born in Ifewara, Osun State in 1942. He started his General Overseeing post of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1981.

He took over the Overseeing post from Papa Akindayomi. The Church was not famous when Pastor Enoch Adejare took over the position. Now it`s one of the powerful churches not only in Nigeria, but it also has branches in 192 nations globally.

There are more than 14 000 churches of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria. Pastor Enoch Adejare sets the goal of constructing a church in five minutes’ distance from every home of every person in the world.

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Creflo Dollar

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $27 Million

Pastor Creflo Dollars having Dollar in his name, would undoubtedly be one of the pastors who would appear on a rich list as this.

Known as one of the flashiest of American Ministers, he owns a Rolls Royce, multiple $2.5 million dollar estates and in recent years been given an F by the Ministry Watch for financial transparency.

This rich Nigerian pastor was arrested in 2013 for allegedly attacking his own daughter but the charges were dropped after agreements to join anger management groups.

While receiving a Bachelor’s in Science for Education from West Georgia College, it appears this pastor has yet to learn the intricacies of “Do unto Others”.

He like quite a few of his comrades in this list preaches almost exclusively the “prosperity” gospel.

Kenneth Copeland

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $25 Million

Kenneth Copeland is a rich Nigerian pastor best known for his messages about prosperity and abundance.

Before his conversion to Christianity he had commercial success as a recording artist, releasing 1957’s “Pledge of Love” which made it to 17th of the top 40 billboard hits of the year.

Copeland and his family also reside in a $6.3 million estate, where television audiences are invited to sit around the table with the family on “Believers Voice of Victory”.

Copeland has had a lifelong love for flying as well, which allowed him after conversion to become the personal pilot of Oral Roberts before starting his own ministry and owning his own private jet (admittedly paid for by church donations). Kenneth have had lots of success in his career and this have shown considering his mammoth net worth.


Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

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Billy Graham

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $25 Million

Pastor Billy Graham best known by many as “America’s Pastor”, is among the well-known and long-lived pastors on the planet. Born in 1918 and educated in Anthropology and Biblical Studies by the Trinity Bible College in Florida State, he has been a presence for many historic events of the past two generations and have also been rated as one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.

From bailing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr out of jail during the fight for Civil Rights, to directly writing and supporting Nixon during the Vietnam war, he has always been quite political minded.

This fact has no doubt helped his following, with an estimated audience of around 2.2 Billion individuals over the course of his career and this have served as a boost to his rating as one of the best pastors in Nigeria.

T.B. Joshua

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $10 Million

Pastor T.B.Joshua considered a Prophet by most of his congregation, have a unique and notable influence in his native country of Nigeria.

Temitope Balogun Joshua is a Nigerian televangelist, pastor and philanthropist.

He’s the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria.

He became prominent and controversial when he began healing diverse forms of illness and dishing out prophecies that all came to past. While primarily preaching from his home city of Lagos, Nigeria, Joshua has over 1.5 million Facebook fans.

His healing power and prophetic grace converted his church to a world tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the earth  including African and Latin American presidents.

It was reported by a local newspaper that His church receives more visitors weekly than the Buckingham Palace and the London Tower combined.

And this has made his church a boost for Nigeria’s tourism sector, having it’s only branch in Nigeria in the city of Lagos with over 15,000 congregation.

His philanthropy is highly conspicuous, pastor Joshua has also been a constant source of hope to the less privileged and destitute within and outside Nigeria as he gives regular aids and scholarships to the needy.

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Joseph Prince

Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Net Worth – $5 Million

This top pastor is the head of the largest church in the all of Asia and netting a salary of $550,000 a year, Joseph Prince could easily be seen as blessed. Born to a Sikh priest and previously employed as an IT consultant, his unlikely career has garnered a grand following worldwide from his native Malaysia to the United States.

This popularity is partially thanks to such friends as Joel Osteen of Lakewood Megachurch who has hosted a number of his sermons.

One of the most internet savvy of the pastors listed, Prince also has a online video and podcast with a following from over 150 countries.

He was once an IT consultant which had led him to become one of the most tech-savvy Gospel preachers in the list of the top ten richest pastors in Nigeria.

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