Top Ten Poorest States in Nigeria with Photos

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Do you wonder which states are the top ten poorest states in Nigeria? Since there exists top ten richest states in Nigeria then there must exist the states which are the poorest.

On this list, I presented the list of top ten poorest states in Nigeria as released by the National Bureau of Statistics. Some of these states are so poor that individuals in the country are richer than they are. One sweet thing about these poor states is that things are considerably cheap so you can go and get yourself an apartment in Katsina to enjoy cheap food stuffs and cry daily.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently released data listing the 10 poorest states in Nigeria after a recent survey was carried out on the bureau’s website.

At the end of this article, attached a photo showing this states as ranked by the NBS.

Top Ten Poorest States In Nigeria With Photos And Net-Worth

10. Zamfara


The governor of Zamfara was blasted for the “alarming scope of economic dangers and its potential threat to the economic development of the state,” by the Zamfara Budget Working Group.

Zamfara as one of the top ten poorest states in Nigeria and the 10th state on the list has a poverty rate of 70.8%

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In Nigeria

9. Kebbi

Kebbi State
Kebbi State

It is bordered by Sokoto State, Niger State, Dosso Region in the Republic of Niger and the nation of Benin. The recently concluded Sir Ahmadu Bello International Airport (SABIA), stands out as one of Nigeria’s most sophisticated airports and is expected to boost the state’s economy.

Well, before the boosting of the economy comes, Kebbi state will still have to be on this list as it merits the 9th position on the list with a 72% poverty rate.

8. Bauchi

Bauchi State
Bauchi State

In Hausa the word Bauchi means, the land of freedom and tourism. However, recent Boko Haram adventures in the area, though few, have driven tourists away from the area. Who would want to die in the name of tourism?

Bauchi do make some revenue from this tourist sites to support their economy but at the moment, this means seems blocked.

We hope and pray Bauchi regains its total freedom soon. At the moment, Bauchi State is the 8th poorest state in Nigeria and ranks on the list of the top ten poorest states in Nigeria so clearly. It has a poverty rate of 73%.


7. Ebonyi

Ebonyi State
Ebonyi State

It is the only south-eastern state among the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria. Likewise, it is the only south-eastern state that has less buzz in Nigeria, all of its counterparts have one or two things they are known for but Ebonyi is just Ebonyi.

As one of the top ten poorest states in Nigeria, Ebonyi state has a poverty rate of 73.6%.

6. Plateau

Plateau State
Plateau State

It is the twelfth largest state of Nigeria, and is haunted by terrorist attacks and tribal clashes from time to time, especially clashes between Fulani herdsmen and its inhabitants.

This state despite its land mass is among the top ten poorest states in Nigeria as its inhabitants still lives in unimaginable poverty. It has a poverty rate of 74.1%

5. Jigawa

Jigawa State
Jigawa State

It is situated in the north-western part of the country. It is mostly populated by the Hausa/Fulani, who are spread throughout the state.

It is as poor as Plateau as two of them have the same poverty rate of 74.1 percent.

4. Gombe

Gombe State
Gombe State

Gombe is another North eastern state which suffers sporadic attacks from terrorists. It is ranked as the fourth poorest state in Nigeria on the list of top ten poorest states in Nigeria.

This state still have a part where people move around naked. If you are soon to be a youth corper please ask to be posted in this state so can bring in a little light of civilization and technology to them, that is a better way to serve your father’s land.

Gombe State has a poverty rate of 74.2%.

3. Adamawa

Adamawa State
Adamawa State

This state whose capital, Yola, is even poor was created in 1991 from the extinct Gongola state, Adamawa has of late been terrorized by the Boko Haram terrorists, disrupting its economic development and growth.

Now you have seen that this Boko Haram that Nigeria cries daily have insisted on destroying the North and then subsequently, destroying Nigeria.

Let us all put hands and heads together to push this disease out of Nigeria.
Adamawa State has a poverty rate as bad as Gombe at 74,2%.

2. Katsina

Katsina State
Katsina State

This state in North central as one of the top ten poorest states in Nigeria has the highest poverty prevalence among all states in the region.

It ranks as the second poorest state in Nigeria with a poverty rate of 74.5%, this means that kin every 100 persons you see in Katsina, 74 or more are poor. This baffles my imagination, my prayers are with the Katsina people.


1. Sokoto


Sokoto State is the poorest state in Nigeria with a poverty rate of 81.2%. The state is known for its hostile climatic conditions with normal day temperature as high as 45 Degrees Celsius. Most parts of the state are rural areas and over eighty percent (80%) of the inhabitants of Sokoto practice one form of agriculture or another.

Everybody farms and almost everybody looks dirty. The rural areas of Sokoto are nothing to write home about. If you want to experience poverty in its home of origin, then pay a visit to Sokoto villages.

Sokoto is currently ranked as the poorest state in Nigeria and at the moment, there is only little presence of technology and development in the state.

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