Top Ten Richest States in Nigeria

Have you wondered which states are currently the top ten richest states in Nigeria and what their net-worths are like? These state are economically booming and their citizens are enjoying being part of the state.

Apart from states like Kaduna and Kano where only the top political, business and religious men control almost the whole wealth coming in, other states have their wealth commonly distributed to a justifiable extent among their citizens.

Imo state being one of the oil producing state and educationally advanced state in Nigeria have always been on this list year in, year out but this year they have advanced even higher to rank on the 4th position from their sixth position as of last year.

These states on the list of the top ten richest states in Nigeria are either rich due the enormous economic activities of the state like in the case of Anambra state or they are rich due to their proper use and management of their natural resources and application of their God-Given-Brain!


Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria Currently With Net Worth and Photos

10. Abia State

Abia State
Abia State

Abia state is currently the 10th richest state in Nigeria; thanks to its economically alive youths. The capital of Abia State is Umuahia the origin city of a one time ground shaker in Nigeria who his whereabouts is currently known to nobody.

It is located in the eastern part of Nigeria and is predominantly inhabited by igbos upon whose land it is located. It also harbours men from almost all walks of live and can boast of having at least one person or more from every tribe in Nigeria.

Its main hotspot is the Ariaria Market which is technically it’s hub of creation and the promising most creative arena in Nigeria. This state produced and sold the 2018 Nigeria National Team FIFA world cup jersey even before it was officially released by Nike.

In the area of cloning and production of amazing products, Abia state is the lead state not just in Nigeria but in Africa. Big craft makers in Abia State do gather their home produced craft works and export it to neighbouring African countries like Ghana who values the quality they offer.

Abia state, majorly Aba, is known sometimes as the China of Africa for their ability to produce both original products and fake products as well. They deliver to you according to your demand just like the China of today does.

On scale, Abia state has a poverty rate of just 19% out of 100 and this is one of the major reasons a lot of Nigerians live in the city despite its poor road situation.

9. Kano State

Kano State
Kano State

If you are counting the top ten richest states in Nigeria and you skip Kano State, I bet you, you are wrong. The northern part of Nigeria is being heard about because of states like Kaduna and Kano which are popularly Known for their food Production.

These cities have one of the most fertile soil in Nigeria that even if you are a lazy farmer, you won’t go hungry planting on them. Just act like you open up the soil, drop in your seed and keep on watering, you will reap a fair harvest.

Most yam and potatoes that are sold down in the east are produced and transported from these states. Their only lack is adequate rain but the government have made provisions for irrigation in their farms free of charge and annually shares fertilizers to their farmers to keep sustaining the soil.

Kano state as one of the top ten richest states in Nigeria is situated in the North-Western zone and accounts for 20,131 square kilometers out of Nigeria’s entire land expanse.
Kano State has a per capita level of $1,288 while its total GDP is estimated at $12.393 billion.


8. Oyo State

Oyo State
Oyo State

Oyo state has a huge population of over 6 million people in Nigeria’s total population of about 180 million people. It is majorly inhabited by the Yorubas and is a popular hub in the western part of Nigerian. If you want to have a full Western Experience, Oyo State is a place to not miss.

The State as one of the top ten richest states in Nigeria is highly distinguished as one of the South-Western States which embrace agriculture. In this regard, the State houses lots of agricultural produce including maize, yam, cocoa, cassava, cashew, millet, rice, plantains, and cocoa.

Some of the gospel artists in the list of top ten richest gospel musicians in Nigeria are strongly affiliated with this, this action may go to show that they are religious.

In the aspect of economic standards, Oyo State has a total of $2,666 for its per capita level and $16.121 billion as its total GDP.

7. Delta State

Delta State
Delta State

Delta state located in the south southern zone of the country is one of the top ten richest states in Nigeria and is hanging here in the list as the 7th richest state in Nigeria due to its Natural endowments.

Quite impressively, Delta is one of the Southern States with the largest deposits of natural endowments such as industrial clay, silica, limestone, lignite, kaolin, tar sand and lots more.

In the aspect of economic standards, Delta State has a total of $3,990 as its per capita level coupled with $16.749 billion as total GDP.

6. Akwa Ibom State

Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria

Akwa Ibom is one of the Southern States situated along the coast. It occupies a total of 5.5 million people in population and its land mass extends across 7,081 square kilometers.

Let me get you on a throwback volvo; you remember the one popular song from this state that the singer vanished in the music industry after dropping the hit? “I want to go home, I’m from Akwa Ibom, In case you don’t know”. If you don’t know this song you are either not a Nigerian or you are a kid! Give respect to those who do.

The State is blessed with a number of ethnic backgrounds majorly including Obolo, Eket, Oron, Annang and Ibibio.

As per economic standards, Akwa Ibom State as one of top ten richest states in Nigeria has a per capita level of $2,779 while its total GDP is valued at $11.179 billion.

5. River State

Rivers State
Rivers State

Rivers State is situated in the South-Southern zone of the country. Significantly, the second richest State in Nigeria just behind Lagos.

Like several other states within its zone, Rivers State is meagre in a population with a total of 5.2 million people who are found in it.

Rivers yields enormous returns particularly as it serves as Nigeria’s largest deposit of crude oil –accounting for over 60% of the country’s entire volume of crude oil.

It is only in rivers state that you can find catfish on street gutters during rainy season. The rivers overflow and some of these fishes end up in gutters or in some street water dumps so if they sell fish too costly in your side, go to rivers state and get them in gutters for free!

Meanwhile, as one of the top ten richest states in Nigeria it is majorly endowed with vast deposits of crude oil and natural gas.

Based on its economic standards, Rivers State has a per capita level estimated at $3,965 while its total GDP accounts for $21.073 billion.

As regards its land mass, Rivers State is one of Nigeria’s small states and it extends across 11,077 square kilometers.


4. Imo State

Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria
Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria

Imo state is one of the most intelligent states in this list of top ten richest states in Nigeria, not a hype, but a reality. This state is one of the states from the east that does less business but spends most money yet lives in abundance of money. This can be achieved by intelligence and intelligence alone. If your state follow Imo build hotels, filling stations and leisure parks as they do, the story  maybe different.

Imo state attracts big politicians and businessmen and sets up facilities that makes these men drop a huge part of their funds in the state before leaving. You will not just drop the funds and go unsatisfied, you will be praying to visit again. That could be their own natural blessing upon the oil they produce too.

Although, Imo State is one of the richest Nigerian States in terms of infrastructural development and economic returns, it remains one of the Nigerian States with the smallest expanse of land.

Imo state as one of the top ten richest states in Nigeria and basically the 4th richest has a population of approximately 5 million people.

Just like a number of other Southern States, Imo State is endowed with some land expanse that is rich resources such as white clay, fine sand, limestone, lead, crude oil, natural gas, and zinc.

As an industrialized centre, the State houses several oil companies including Addax Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell and Agip.

In land mass, Imo State covers 5,530 square kilometers while in the aspect of economic standards, the State’s per capita level hovers around $3,527 coupled with $14.212 billion in total GDP.

3. Kaduna State


Kaduna State
Kaduna State

Kaduna is located in Nigeria’s North Central zone with a land mass of 46, 053 square kilometers. In population, the State has a total of 6.1 million inhabitants.

Kaduna constitutes the Nigerian States with diverse ethnic groups. It was ranked from the the 10th richest state in Nigeria as of last two years to the 3rd richest this year. That was a vary quick growth and many argue that they presented false value to be ranked that high in a gap of two year.

Despite whatever might be the situation, whether the third richest or the 10th richest, Kaduna

As regards its economic standards, the North Central State has a per capita level of $1,666 while its GDP is estimated at $10.334 billion.

2. Anambra state

Anambra State
Anambra State

Anambra State having its capital in Awka is located in the eastern part of Nigeria. I must tell you that despite Awka being the capital of Anambra state, things happen in Onitsha!

If you haven’t heard of Onitsha main market before then you are not an African because it is the second largest market in Africa!

If you think you are a hard nut to crack in rejecting sales proposals, try onitsha main market. These boys will convince you to buy a gas cylinder for your kerosene stove. You will only get home to wonder!

They are very good in business and you can get a whole lot of original products there but be careful with the bad eggs, fake products ain’t out of the market either.

The state is rich in natural resources and has a considerable fertile land which their government leverages on to cultivate vegetables in large quantities and export them.

1. Lagos State

Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria
Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria

Now you can stand up fo the Champion, Lagos State! You will find the dirtiest and cleanest places in Nigeria in this same state. Very roundy in its commercial areas and much over populated; infact, the state needs expansion!

Lagos State is the richest state in Nigerian and harbours over 22 Million people. It is a one stop business state in nigeria as it has an international sea port. Keep your eyes around the internet, there is alot to read about Lagos state, It is an amazing city to behold.

Let’s keep a date next time!

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