Best PS5 Games

The other time, we wrote an article about the 10 best PS4 games and how entertaining these games are. Now we shall be looking at the ninth generation video game which is the PS5 and it’s top-ranking games.

The PlayStation is one of the most entertaining games in the world which has made gamers all over the world so happy.

The PS5 is a video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was launched on November 12 2020 and was distributed to many countries worldwide. the PS5 launch was a great achievement and a very big hit for Sony manufacturers. Gamers all over the globe were so impressed and excited about the update on PlayStation.

The PS5 has an amazing specification and features that was upgraded from the previous generation with other new attributes added to it.

PlayStation 5 Specifications

CPU ( Central Processing Unit)
8-core, 16 thread, up to 3.5Ghz (variable frequency),

36 CUs at 2.23GHz,
10.3 TFLOPs (variable frequency),

Custom 825GB SSD,



Ultra HD Blu-ray,

Video Output
4K at 120Hz.

The 10 Best Ps5 Games

10. Greedfall: Gold Edition

Greedfall: Gold Edition "BEST PS5 GAMES"
Greedfall: Gold Edition “BEST PS5 GAMES”

The Greedfall is an action role game. It has heroic features and an extraordinary ability system. This game is ready and now available for you to get on your PS5.

Amazon Rating: 3stars so far.

Amazon Price Tag: $64.95.

9. Assassin Creed Valhalla

Assassin Creed Valhalla "BEST PS5 GAMES"
Assassin Creed Valhalla “BEST PS5 GAMES”

With the PS5, the assassin Brotherhood game has become more entertaining and captivating for gamers With amazing action technics and graphics. I personally guarantee you that the game is very entertaining.

Rating: Over 5stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $41.95.

8. Hitman 3


It is an action game on PS5. it is a world assassination Class game with so many missions to complete and target to eliminate. You will enjoy this game levels and it killing shots.It has a rating of more than 8stars and amazing comments from gamers around the globe.

Rating: 8stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $39.99.

7. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy "BEST PS5 GAMES "

Final Fantasy has been a big hit in the video game industry. It has so many epic battles and evil to vanquish from the world. It is an amazing game to play on PS5.The game have really high rating of over 12stars that Is growing fast.

Rating: 12stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $62.63.

6. Hades


Hades, from Greek mythology, is the God of the underworld. The game was referred to as the best action game of 2020 and it is available for gamers to play as much as they want.The rating is gradually interesting having up to 15stars and it trending widely.

Rating: 15stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $34.98.

5. Devil May Cry 5

Devil may cry 5 "BEST PS5 GAMES "
Devil may cry 5 “BEST PS5 GAMES “

The Devil may cry 5 special edition is a game with a lot of action moves and interesting awards. Now with PS5, those action moves are more vast and there are lots of rewards at the end of each level. The storyline is more unique and fun.The game getting better and better has you keep moving to the next level.

Rating: 16stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $57.99.

4. Godfall

Godfall "BEST PS5 GAMES"
Godfall “BEST PS5 GAMES”

Godfall is an epic battle games with many fantastic attributes and fighting skills. With the PS5 clear graphics, they have amazing adventures  and the obstacles to overcome for gamers.

The rating of this game keep increasing having over 18stars with video gamers players engaging so much in the game.

Rating: 18stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $54.50.

3. Demon Souls

Demon Souls "BEST PS5 GAMES "
Demon Souls “BEST PS5 GAMES “

Demon soul is an action game. It is rank as the top game in the Soul series has more fighting styles and challenging obstacles to face. It is a game you will love to play on PS5. They have been lots of requests for this game for by players with over 21stars.

Rating: 21stars

Amazon Price Tag: $66.70

2. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty Black OPS "BEST PS5 GAMES "
Call Of Duty Black OPS “BEST PS5 GAMES”

The Call of Duty newest version have you made to have new features and large maps in the game. The game multiplayer brings about new and interesting hame modes for players. I highly recommend that you get this game.

Rating: 24stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $70.00.

1. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima "BEST PS5 GAMES"
Ghost Of Tsushima “BEST PS5 GAMES”

Samaria games have been known to be entertaining due to the passion of the samurai warrior, their loyalty to serve and fight till they die. The ghost of Tsushima is filled with amazing adventure and lots of action scenes.This games have lots of adventures  to offer and quest to fulfil in each level. It rating is increasing  greater with many wide engagement and comments from players.

Rating: 30stars.

Amazon Price Tag: $69.99.


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  1. Call of duty black ops cold war is my favourite
    I could play the game now stop from morning till night
    Guess I’d check out this ghost of tsushima

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