How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends To Like Your Page At Once

How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends To Like Your Page At Once

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In this tutorial, I will show you how you can invite all your Facebook friends to like your page with just one click. This is a secret people use to get more page likes on Facebook but I will be sharing the secret with you today.

To make things more simple and easily understandable i have arranged a video tutorial to take care of most points that may confuse you. but still if at the end you still find somethings not clear enough, then let me know about it through the comment box.



First of all, open your chrome or Firefox browser with your PC or any portable phone. Then take your mouse to the top right corner of the PC where you will see something like three vertical dots (customize and control) just under the close (x) button. Click on the vertical dots and scroll down to “more tools” then click on “Extensions” and when the page opens, scroll down to the bottom area and click on “get more extensions”.

When the page opens, then check on the left top area and you will see a search space, then on the search space, type “Facebook invite all”.

After that, check the search results and you will see the Facebook invite all extension, activate it.

when you are done with activating it, a sign will show just beside the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your PC. The sign will look like a good mark. I mean just like the V in campaign vote, I hope you understand? If no, just check on that area and see for yourself.

At this point you are done with the stage one. And the stage two will be on your Facebook page. Hope you have a Facebook page? If no, then create one.

When you are logged in to your Facebook page, click on the more button. The more button is on the sane line with the page-like button. If you are finding it difficult to locate, you may watch the video to see where it is, after all the video is only about 3 min and will not take much of your MB.

Then if you have clicked on the more button, scroll to “invite friends” and click on it.

After that, then look for that “good mark” at the top right corner of your PC and click on it. It will check all your Facebook friends and automatically INVITE ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS TO LIKE YOUR PAGE. You will see a confirmatory message on your screen when it is done. That is all.

If you are confused at any instance, feel free to use the comments box.

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