Top Ten Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria – Updated List

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A couple of years ago it was very rare to hear that a Nigerian would trust any online site to make payments without seeing the item he wants to purchase right before him. Online shopping sites seems like they won’t stand then but now, Nigeria is one of the highest African countries that participate in digitals purchase and sales. We’ve come a very long way!

Below is the list of the current top ten online shopping stores in Nigeria. These stores has changed the online shopping experience in Nigeria completely and we are proud of them.
At the moment, the highest online shopping store in Nigeria, Jumia is a current high ranking online store in the whole of Africa.

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria

1. Konga

KONGA - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
KONGA – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Konga is the undisputed forerunner when it comes to online shopping in Nigeria, they revolutionize the space to something attractive and really interesting to the Nigerian populace.

Konga do not only sell products at a discounted rate, but do offer coupon codes that really works. Their daily deals is like no other, their delivery is nationwide.

You can always buy from konga with peace of mind as other sellers on the platform that tries to sell counterfeit products are booted out without losses on the consumer’s part.

Their support is always a top-notch, so is their delivery and after sale services. Konga offers “pay on delivery” services nationwide.

You can experience all the awesomeness that comes with shopping on konga by visiting their homepage at

2. Jumia (the #1 Online Shopping Website in Africa)

JUMIA - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
JUMIA – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Jumia is no small player in the business of shopping online in Nigeria and/or Africa as a whole: they have internet shops in major west African countries as well as pick up centers in major cities.

Jumia delivers each product with high level of professionalism and considers consumer’s satisfaction a priority. Jumia’s virtual store is trusted by many as one of the best e-web-stores in Nigeria.

With the surge in discounts and promos, Jumia Nigeria should be a great destination for buying things online in Nigeria and west African states.

Jumia’s eMall is trusted, sales quality products and have a good return policy for damaged goods.

The only downside with using Jumia is their inability to deliver nationwide like konga (“pay on delivery” isn’t available to all locations): you have to pick up items from major cities only.

Their official website is

3. Payporte

PAYPORTE - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
PAYPORTE – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

payporte among top 10 Nigeria’s online shopping Malls
Payporte is not just a popular Nigeria’s electronic shopping mall, but one that offers good after-sales support to buyers that shop daily from their user-friendly platform.

Just like Konga and Jumia, Payporte lets users market their quality products via their e-shopping website. They have rules and mechanism in place to checkmate fraudulent sellers, thereby protecting their customers from all kinds of frauds.

There’s also an affiliate program at Payporte that lets users without a product of their own – earn some good amount of money by promoting quality products from other sellers.

Their website is well-secured with an SSL certificate and seated at

4. Yudala (has Offline Shopping Stores as well)

YUDALA - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
YUDALA – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Yudala wowed many Nigerians including my humble self with their black Friday sales that took place both online and offline simultaneously.

In Fact, the Yudala business model seems to be well-suited to the Nigerian populace where trust is a major issue and buyers prefers paying on delivery to pre-paying for online orders. They have launched mega retail shops in popular Nigerian cities and would extend to other cities in the long run.

The largest price slash during their black Friday sales where a Lenovo laptop of about 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Core i7 processor and 15.6 inches screen was sold for less than NGN 90,000 has shown how serious they are with honesty and quick service delivery that was further proven in their drone delivery of orders.

In all, Yudala is a trusted platform to shop online in Nigeria. Their homepage is seated at

5. Vconnect

VCONNECT - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
VCONNECT – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Vconnect is one of the first really successful business directory website to grace the Nigerian cyberspace. Their recent dabble into the e-Commerce space seems to be a great step in the right direction.

Shopping on Vconnect means that you are transacting with a company that cares so much about consumer’s right, pre-sales and after-sales support.

Their products are of a good standard and comes at a great price too. You should have some good confidence shopping on the Vconnect website.

The official website is found at

6. Dealdey


Dealdey is renownedfor cheap and amazing deals, they have been in the eCommerce business for so long and knows how to treat their clients with respect.

Dealdey’s delivery is fine, you just need to be careful with unpopular sellers with ridiculous amount for expensive items. See their website at

7. Olx Nigeria

OLX Nigeria - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
OLX Nigeria – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Olx is like the Craigslist of Nigeria, there are lots of fairly used items to buy online for cheap and really ridiculous amount.

You just have to be very careful here as most fraudulent users are registered in the website already. Just deal with persons with several positive reviews.

You can get access to their homepage via

8. Mobofree

Mobo free

Mobofree is a social platform that lets users buy and sale items at their chosen amount. You can also exchange stuff here as well get good deals from time to time.

Their idea is unique and should stand the test of time. You can visit the homepage at for more.



Chrisvicmall isn’t as popular as the first three but its a great destination for buying stuff online in Nigeria. You can shop for electronics, clothing and sundry at chrisvicmall.

Chrisvicmall also does shipping of items from China to Nigeria. You can check out their official website at

10. Slot

SLOT - One of the Best Online Shopping Sites
SLOT – One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Slot is not just an online shop in Nigeria but one of the best eCommerce web stores in Nigeria. They have functional retail outlets in major cities where users can go to buy phone and gadgets.

Slot Nigeria is renowned for the good after sale services and great customer support it has maintained for this good number of years.

Their official website is

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