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Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Nigeria to Live in With Price List

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Nigeria, the giant of Africa is sure one of the best places to live in the world; so we’ve compiled a list of top 5 Cheapest Cities to live in Nigeria.

A lot of things contributes to this city listing which includes the weather, the people, the culture, and the family values of the people.

The finest and best cities in Nigeria make the country one of the best places to live in the world. Without doubt there are still some dirty cities in Nigeria. But there are innumerable amazing cities in the country which make us realise how beautiful God made the country.

The cost of living in some cities in Nigeria can be very cheap in terms of accommodation, feeding, and transportation. Perhaps, you live in one of the most expensive states in Nigeria and desire to relocate, check out the top 5 Cheapest Cities to live in Nigeria here. Lets go!

Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Nigeria to Live in With Price List

1. Ikot Ekpene City

Ikot Ekpene City
Ikot Ekpene City
Also known as Rafia city, Ikot Ekpene is located in Akwa Ibom, one of Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta States. Ikot Ekpene is an enchanting city reminiscent of beauty. Akwa Ibom is home to over 143,077 people as at the 2006 population census. It is also renowned for the good roads which intricately networks the Akwa Ibom state.

Hotel accommodation in this city is ridiculously cheap as one can lodge in a hotel for as low as 1000 NGN. The most expensive hotel here is 10,000 NGN.

Hotels in Ikot Ekpene are:

Anibeto Palace Hotels, Diamolen Luxury Hotels, Macaire Resorts, Tropical Guest House, Usel International Hotels, Executive Guest House, Samret Guest House (Extension), and U & I Guest House.

You can get a flat for rent for as low as 200,00 NGN here.There are also a few office spaces here. Ikot Ekpene is a commercial area, so there is no need to worry about doing business here.

2. Ibadan City

Ibadan City
Ibadan City
‘Ibadan, a running splash of rust and gold’ These were the lines that described Africa’s largest city in J.P Clark’s poem. Ibadan rose to prominence due to its strong capacity to overcome wars. Today, Ibadan is one of the best places to live in Nigeria. It is also one of the most populated cities in the country with a population of 2,559,853, an area of 3,080 and a population density of 831.

Ibadan is one of the most affordable places to live in Nigeria. The cost of plots of land for sale in Ibadan is lesser than the cost of renting a mini flat in some areas in Lagos. This seems so interesting and ridiculous at the same time. Even if you don’t want to live in Ibadan, this is a very big opportunity for those seeking to invest in the Real Estate sector by buying a property. You can get a piece of land in Ibadan for as low as 100,000 NGN. The cost of renting a flat in Ibadan is about 250,000 NGN.

The cost of booking a hotel accommodation in Ibadan ranges from 3000 NGN to 12,500 NGN.

Major hotels in Ibadan are:

Walan Hotel (D’Rovans Hotel Limited), Check-Inn hotels, Travel House Ibadan, and Vigold Hotel.

3. Onitsha City

Onitsha City
Onitsha City

Onitsha is located in Anambra state, Nigeria. In the 2006 Nigerian census, Onitsha city had an estimated resident population of over half a million people, and, as of 2016, has an estimated metropolitan population of 7,425,000. The indigenous people of Onitsha are Igbo and speak the Igbo language. The Onitsha people like to be referred to as Ndi Onicha.

Today, Onitsha is more urbanised compared to the ancient Onitsha where Crime was once the order of the day. The city is located in Anambra State and has now become a residence to those who want to live in an exciting and vibrating city. Public transportation goes everywhere and makes getting around very easy. The city has undergone various development efforts and has become a more livable city, particularly for families. From low cost of living to cheap housing, Onitsha got it all for you.

Major hotels are in Onitsha:

Dolly Hills Hotel Limited, Chimanda Hotel, Kate Suites Hotel and Rainbow Palace Extensions.

You can rent a flat for as low as 180,000 NGN in Onitsha. The cost of buying and selling in Onitsha is also relatively low. Onitsha is an industrious city to live. So you need not worry about doing business.

4. Kaduna City

Kaduna City
Kaduna City

Kaduna City is the capital of Kaduna state. Kaduna’s name derives from the Hausa word “kada for crocodile (“Kaduna” being the plural form). Kaduna is a trade centre and a major transportation hub for the surrounding agricultural areas with its rail and road junction.

This shows that it is a commercial area and it is easy to find something doing here. Due to the agricultural proceeds here, foodstuffs are very affordable. Accommodation is also very affordable. You can get 3.5 acres of farmland for rent for as low as 25,000 NGN.

The population of Kaduna was at 760,084 as of the 2006 Nigerian census. Rapid urbanisation over the past decade has created an increasingly large population, now estimated to be around 1.3 million.

However, many people dread staying in this area because of the perceived insecurity and terrorism in the north. The government is working hard to put this under control. But believe me, Kaduna is a good and a safe place to live.

Hotels in Kaduna are:

Hotel Seventeen, Asaa Pyramid Hotel, Crocodile Hotel and Orange Groove Hotel Limited.

5. Owerri City

Owerri City
Owerri City

This city is the capital of Imo state. It is currently referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria because of its high density of spacious hotels, high street casinos, production studios and high-quality centres of relaxation centres.

Owerri is a beautiful and serene city to live in. The cost of renting a 3 bedroom flat here can be as low as 300,000 NGN. The road network is good and the power supply is not bad.

Hotels in Owerri are:

Newcastle Hotel, De Legend Hotel, Disney Hotel and Resorts, Edinburgh Hotel, and Emirate Suite. The road network here is very good. There are also a good number of financial hubs in Owerri.

If you looking for the best affordable cities in Nigeria where you could live, this list of top 5 Cheapest Cities to live in Nigeria will help you decide

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